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I am an energetic and committed individual with over 12 years experience in the Royal Navy and a further 10 years within the commercial diving industry. I'm self-motivated and used to working within strict rules and safety regulations, always following them to the highest standard. I especially understand the importance of adhering to safety guidelines due to the dangerous nature of my current roles, namely diving and bomb disposal, and the fact that lives depend on it. I work well under my own initiative and am able to concentrate for long periods of time, in challenging and hazardous environments, on what may be considered as mundane tasks. I also thrive within a team environment, something that is paramount within the Armed Forces and commercial diving industry. I am happy to play any given role in a team or lead from the front as and when required. After a lengthy career in the Armed Forces I feel that I bring excellent communication skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure, something I relied heavily on during my tour of Iraq in 2007. All of my previous roles have helped me develop excellent risk assessment skills which I am required to utilise on a daily basis within my current industry. Throughout my career I have had to remain up to date and qualified in many disciplines that are constantly evolving. This involves a great deal of continuous professional development, an area which I enjoy.

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