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A highly skilled and motivated IT professional, with strong communication and organisational skills developed over 25 years as an officer in the Royal Navy. An intelligent, adaptable and practical manager with very good team and interpersonal skills, accustomed to working to tight deadlines in a customer focused working environment. A very trustworthy and reliable individual who has been regularly entrusted with highly classified or personal material and budgets over £1m.

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An enthusiastic and proactive individual that strives to get it right the first time, with over 15 years of Project Management & Logistics Management in the Telecommunications World. An SME able to give sound advice at[...]

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Complete 26 years in the Army and reached the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2. I have considerable amount of skills to pass on, looking for employment within the East Midlands, willing to travel or work abroad. I have[...]

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A highly motivated and innovative Senior Manager with proven delegating and leadership abilities encompassing an extensive military career in the aerospace industry. Adept at developing and maintaining internal audit[...]

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A resourceful, committed and flexible Manager experienced in engineering, counter terrorism, and staff development. A strong team leader with a track record of 24 years service in the military, who performs well under[...]

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Experienced multi-skilled manager and engineering professional.
Seven years experience in SME Business management emphasising product development, business development, sales and marketing in the home technologies[...]

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A motivated and confident individual with years of various experiences within the security industry both domestic & international. Very knowledgeable and highly flexible in coming to solutions to the most complex[...]

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