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A highly skilled and motivated IT professional, with strong communication and organisational skills developed over 25 years as an officer in the Royal Navy. An intelligent, adaptable and practical manager with very good team and interpersonal skills, accustomed to working to tight deadlines in a customer focused working environment. A very trustworthy and reliable individual who has been regularly entrusted with highly classified or personal material and budgets over £1m.

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An honest, hard working, family man with a strong integrity and a 'thick-skinned' squaddie sense of humour.

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Highly technically capable, I am a motivated and experienced network, satellite and radio specialist with over 16 years experience in telecommunications, including installation, operations, management and instruction.

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Currently transitioning to civilian life following a ten year career as a military Communications and Information Systems expert in the British Army (Royal Corps of Signals). Looking for consulting and project[...]

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Results driven, hardworking individual with over 7 years experience on military equipment, an adept team player, adaptable professional with a positive attitude to learn. I have been part of a team responsible for the[...]

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Mature and diligent in approach to all manner of tasks. Highly experienced in working flexible working hours both early or late and extended shifts to complete the role. Deployments in Libya and Afghanistan, working in[...]

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I am a 27 year old man currently serving in a technical trade, I am due to leave the Army in January 2020. My military service has been graded as exemplary. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the forces. I am both[...]

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