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Having had a swift and effective kick-off meeting with Ex-Mil Recruitment our needs were swiftly understood. Within a week we were presented with a range of candidates for interview. Pleasingly, the individual that we subsequently recruited significantly exceeded our expectation for the role and has effectively "bought us" added capacity for the budgeted price of the role.

Stewart, General Manager (Operations) Service Company

On retiring from the Army, I was most fortunate to find such an invaluable mentor as JC. His positive approach, professionalism and shrewd insights were essential factors in my successful job application. With his personal military experience combined with a comprehensive knowledge of civilian employment requirements and opportunities, he is especially well-placed to provide guidance, scope individual needs and identify employment possibilities.

Brigadier X

I have found the process with you and your company to be nothing short of fantastic and you have simplified it in a way, that makes your company approachable. You are a straight forward man and there is no fluff around anything you say. This is refreshing in it's approach, as most recruitment companies tend to lead you down a garden path. You are incredibly thorough and punctual, as well as caring about the individual that is applying through your company. I find this empathy, to be nothing short of incredible and it has really helped me to maintain realistic expectations, as well as being able to openly and honestly converse with you in ways that are simply not possible with any other recruitment company. I hope your company goes from strength to strength and hopefully you become the first port of call for members that have transitioned out of the Military, as I believe there life would be much easier in doing so.

Todd P

Over the years I have registered with several different agencies (civilian and military) and not one has ever been of any use to me whatsoever, either not finding me any work or, worse, sending me to assignments which were totally unsuitable. It was only by chance that a colleague told me of Ex-Mil Recruitment and I registered with you and you responded by return, since which time you have been in regular communication with me, giving advice and guidance and most especially close liaison with the employer offering the vacancy. With your assistance I attended two interviews, the first to make selection from several candidates which whittled us down to three and the second (yesterday) to make a final decision from the three remaining, from which I was delighted to be offered the post. This is all down to your personal excellent communications and liaison and I am most grateful.

Paul G

Jean-Claude is a high-energy, dynamic professional who exemplifies the gold standard in the recruitment of ex-military professionals. Using his connections, intelligence and enthusiasm, he met the needs of every business requirement we set.

Michelle Waterson Bartech Marine Engineering

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