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Ex Mil Recruitment was founded in 2005 by Jean Claude Hedouin as a solution to the employment difficulties faced by former military personnel. Since then, we've helped thousands of ex-military find a job to suit them, and hundreds of employers to find the best quality staff on the market. Our own personal experience of leaving the forces for civilian life means that we are uniquely placed to assist those in the same position.

With combined experience totalling over 50 years in the military, 50 in the commercial sector and over 30 in recruitment, we've got an in-depth understand of what employers are looking for. We know that when you're recruiting you want candidates who show absolute commitment, initiative and passion. We believe that you will find all those things in former military personnel and we take great pride in matching the right candidate to the vacancy. Our results in placing great people speak for themselves and our continued growth, even in trying economic times, shows the faith that employers place in us to seek out the right person for the job.

We currently have 28934 candidates with strong military backgrounds and a wide range of skills applicable to the workplace. Whether you want to fill a temporary or permanent position, ex-military staff are exceptional team players by their very nature. They've also undertaken a huge range of training to suit the needs of a modern military; from engineering to catering, IT to construction, Health and Safety to project management. That's why we're so confident in being able to source the right candidate for the right job and why we receive such strong feedback from both candidates and employers.

If you're leaving the military and want to chat about the possibilities, if you've been facing the challenges of civilian employment and need advice, just drop us a line or give us a call on 0333 202 6500.

If you're an employer and you want to recruit the very best then we know that we can help you. Get in touch online or call 0333 202 6500 and we'll get the ball rolling in seeking out the perfect candidate for you.

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