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Exploding the Myths

Ex-Military Staff Are Only Suited To Security Work

With over 350 qualified trades in the military there is a huge range of work for which ex-military staff are suited. They leave the forces with exceptional skills; from drivers to IT, logistics, project management, people management, catering, avionics, engineering, construction, procurement, human resources and yes, of course, security!

Officers Are Posh

Maybe once in the past this was the case, but it certainly isn't the case anymore. Officers come from all walks of life and possess a wide variety of skills. For a good 30% of officers, the military is their second job. They've already had a career elsewhere and join the army from Civvy Street because it's what they really want to do, not because they were born to it. 85% of officers graduating from officer training institutes hold degrees. They are educated, ambitious and great leaders.

Senior NCOs Are Full Of Bluster

Windsor Davies from ‘It Ain't Half Hot Mum’ really damaged the reputation of NCOs! However, to get to the level of NCO, an individual must gain skills in management, team motivation, training and mentoring, problem management, social welfare and human resources. They make some of the finest managers it's possible to recruit.

Military Personnel Are Institutionalised

Every soldier, every sailor and every airman has to have discipline. It's a key part of the job and not one which can be avoided. However, from junior NCO to senior officer they constantly have to think on their feet as situations change from second to second but objectives still have to be met. They often have to perform with limited equipment and in extreme conditions. They are, therefore, incredibly flexible and able to act on initiative even in the most stressful situations. If only all staff could do that!

Military Staff Aren't Intelligent

Soldiers, sailors and airmen and women are among the brightest, most highly trained staff you can find. Throughout their military career they are consistently encouraged to take courses. A whopping 30% of military budget is spent on training personnel — everything from Level 2 NVQs to Masters Degrees.