Online and traditional recruitment consultancy Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd draws attention to common issues veterans face when entering the civilian job market and examines the value ex-military personnel can bring to UK employers.


Addressing The Stigma

Military personnel are renowned across the world for having the best training, adaptability and dedication. In often harsh and demanding environments they prove themselves time and time again whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and a healthy sense of humour. Yet upon leaving the forces many of these talented and highly skilled men and women find themselves held back by stigmas against ex-military people and their potential within civilian companies. Common misconceptions, including idiocies like a lack of education or intelligence, being indoctrinated, full of bluster, too posh to fit in or only being suited to security work, haunt ex-servicemen and have been part of a serious problem they face upon entering the civilian job market. The diverse and intense training across the modern military in fact provides ideal candidates with incredible advantages to companies.


The Hard Truth

Approximately 30,000 service men and women leave the military every year and yet despite the advantages military training can offer outside of the forces many veterans find it very difficult to secure a new career or even somewhere to live. Part of the problem, beyond the aforementioned stigma, is that there is little to no assistance in careers advice and job hunting from the military itself. In particular there is little support offered in this area for those who have served less than three years, however, even those that have served longer often only receive fragmented and poorly coordinated support. Furthermore the advice given by HM Forces points their veterans to very few potential career paths. This lack of resources for veterans combined with the continued failure of employers outside of these ‘over used paths’ to recognise the value of ex-military candidates leaves many ex-servicemen struggling to find what their next career step could be.


Recognising The Valuable Skill Set

The real truth is that the exceptional qualities held by military personnel also translate superbly into the civilian job market. Innate qualities of commitment, loyalty, team-work and discipline are just part of their great potential. The vast array of training they have undertaken to suit the needs of the modern military give ex-military personnel a wide range of skills. With over 350 qualified trades in the military there is a huge spectrum of work for which ex-military staff are suited. This multitude of skills range from IT, telecoms, security, project management, transport, procurement, logistics, human resources, catering, engineering and avionics to name but a few and many personnel have swiftly moved into corresponding career areas seamlessly. Others use their many transferable skills to move into indirectly related areas such as sales, facilities management, general management along with training and development. Indeed, former military personnel are capable of adapting and succeeding in demanding and challenging situations which translates to confident, efficient employees with integrity in the commercial workplace. Officers and soldiers come from all walks of life and many have higher education qualifications prior to or gain them during their military service. Key skills of problem and people management, team motivation, training and mentoring and success under pressure are common place within the military and, needless to say, are also crucial skills outside of the forces.


Moving Forward

The founder of Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd, Jean-Claude Hedouin knows all too well the situation veterans face when leaving the forces. Having served 10 years in the British Army and an extensive recruitment based background outside of the Army, he is in an excellent position to understand both sides of the issue. Jean-Claude founded Ex-Mil Recruitment in 2005 as a solution to the employment difficulties faced by former military personnel. Ex-Mil Recruitment is now one of the leading UK based recruitment consultancies for ex-military personnel. Since the company began Ex-Mil Recruitment has worked with thousands of ex-military men and women to match them with companies that appreciate the valuable skill set they offer and hundreds of employers have benefited from finding the best quality staff on the market. Ex-Mil Recruitment carefully vets each and every applicant to ensure they are right for the client. Each candidate possesses the unique mix of skills which come from time spent in the armed forces and great care is taken to match the right individual to the vacancy. As specialists in relationship building, the extensive expertise provided by Ex-Mil Recruitment actively helps to decrease staff turnover whilst making recruitment efficient and effective. Furthermore, since 2007 Ex-Mil Recruitment has committed to donating 10 per cent of its profit to established military charities.


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