Military careers give individuals an abundance of transferable skills and make great candidates for a number of highly skilled and often hard-to-recruit posts. Ex-military personnel are exceptional problem solvers, team workers and fast thinkers.

Ex-military staff have an exceptional range of transferrable skills; for example, someone who has worked on transporting troops, munitions and supplies can easily handle the logistical demands of shipping customer goods.

Just some of the skills you’ll find in candidates with military experience are;


Giving orders and articulating information clearly, effectively and persuasively is critical in the armed forces and makes for an exceptional manager or team member


Military staff are exceptional at managing their time effectively – it’s a skill that comes naturally after service. Ex-mil staff are great at reporting, resource management, multi-tasking and co-ordinating teams

Technical skills

Military service gives individuals hands-on proficiency with specific equipment and machinery, software and hardware, chemical substances, techniques and procedures

Personal traits

Life in service gives people integrity, loyalty, resilience, self-discipline and control. Ex-mil staff tend to be punctual, reliable, resourceful and have a real can-do attitude

Team working

You won’t get better than ex-service personnel if you need a team member with the ability to listen, take orders, cooperate, supervise, negotiate and act as a real team player


Most ranks can inspire, influence, motivate, assess situations, make decisions; take risks and set goals to a high standard


Military personnel have to make quick decisions based on what they see. They are excellent at interpreting data, using logic and seeing patterns that can help a business just as much as their unit.

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