Our client is a communication company who have many diverse projects such as mobile phones, phone specific apps, counter surveillance tools for US law enforcement, water purification technology, solar cooking technologies and power generation.

They are working on a few major comms infrastructure projects overseas and needed to recruit a number of people to help design using cutting edge technology and to deploy on these projects to completion.


Looking at the requirements of our client, the focus was clear. We set out to look for an IS-trained engineer with a wide range of Systems and Engineering knowledge and qualifications with some Operator skills of RF, Sat Comms fiber, WIFI and field engineering.

I looked at Ex Royal Signals and IS/ Network Engineers on LinkedIn and made a few contacts.


After sending 10 CVs to the client, two were selected for interview, and one, an Ex Royal Signals Systems Technician with a wide range of qualifications and skills and WIFI experience, was accepted for interview and subsequently appointed to the role.

Client testimonial

We had few teething issues with what we wanted, and the caliber of candidate required for the post, but we managed to clarify some issues and move on from a shaky start and ended up with a large number of suitable CVs.

Candidate testimonial

I am very happy how things went from having a chat with Ex-Mil about the position to getting the call with details of interview location and timings. I was delighted to get the call to confirm that I had been successful.

Consultant testimonial

I’ve learnt a lot about being flexible with my approach and adapting my approach to meet the client brief. I am really pleased to have placed the candidate in this role.