The client was a high tech company supplying body-worn equipment to the security and policing sectors. They have been experiencing a significant level of growth, and who were needing to recruit someone who had the ability to operate at a number of levels within the company, from receiving equipment, first and second-line repairs, to dealing with clients and assisting them with their issue. It is hoped that this individual will eventually move into a dedicated role.


The client was very specific on the skills and ability of the individual they were looking for and we were able to put together a comprehensive brief. It was quickly understood that they were looking for someone who possessed a good technical background, but at the same time was not a typical techie and would be equally happy being put in front of their clients one day, and then maybe rolling their sleeves up the next. In the longer term, they were seeking someone who could, and would want to, move into a more management type role. The candidates also needed to have a reasonable commute to the company’s site in Plymouth.


We managed to short list two candidates for the post, from slightly different backgrounds and the client wanted to meet one. They ran a two-part interview, with the first part being face to face with the General Manager in Plymouth and then a phone interview with the MD who is based in Holland, as most of their clients are based in Europe.

They were impressed by my candidate and offered him the role within hours of the phone interview. Due to his notice period with the Royal Marines, he had to give four weeks’ notice, but was able to visit the site on several occasions during his notice period, so he knew people and the role on day one.

Client testimonial

The client’s feedback was very positive, as they felt that both candidates submitted to them could do the role. They have said that they will be back later in the year as they see another one or two roles that they will need to recruit for.

Candidate testimonial

The candidate found the process very easy, even though he had served for 18 years in the Royal Marines, and had never really had a job interview before. He said that he found our approach honest and open, as he was also dealing with a couple of other local recruiters who did not understand what he could do and felt that he was being short changed – with his skills and abilities, he mentioned they were trying to stuff a round peg into a square hole. He has been with the client for 3 weeks now and is very happy with the new role and can see where he can progress within the company.

Consultant testimonial

This was not a typical role, as there were a lot of restrictions to the location and skills that the client wanted, however the client was open to suggestions and a pleasure to work with. The candidate was open and honest and keen to secure himself a role that would offer him growth in the longer term, so this turn out to be a perfect match for both sides.