It’s fair to say that 2020 has not been a great year for jobseekers – or anyone, really – but
things could soon improve, according to a recent survey. This year may have seen a
large number of employees either furloughed or made redundant but looking ahead, many
companies are planning to expand in specific areas that will need more staff.

Around 40% of employers surveyed plan to expand their IT and technology departments,
with customer service and marketing roles also in great demand. Next year should see
stabilisation in the jobs market and there will be opportunities for well-prepared applicants
– with ex-military candidates well placed to stand out from the crowd.

While 87% of employers surveyed plan to fill the lost jobs again within a year, the world of
work has changed and if you’re looking for work you may need to adapt your CV and cover
letter to cover a broader skillset. Candidates from the armed forces are in a good position,
as the survey reveals that employers are prioritising adaptability, creativity, critical thinking,
problem-solving and management skills. We’d advise you take a look at your CV and
make sure these attributes stand out for you – either from your military career or roles you
have held afterwards.

Remote working, essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, is here to stay. Any computer
experience is worth building on, and there is a wide range of online courses which can
help refine your skills. If there is an area where you would especially like to work, it´s
worth searching online to see what is available. Many courses are free or have funding

You also need to prepare for the remote hiring process – another result of COVID that is
here to stay as more HR teams turn to remote working themselves. Take a look back at
our previous advice on how to prepare and what to expect from a virtual interview.
Older candidates will be pleased to know that the future workforce will be
multigenerational. With the planned higher retiring age coinciding with generation Z
leaving school, the age range in workplaces will be far greater than before and this is
proven to make businesses more productive as the generations share and blend their

There is good reason for optimism, so think positively and get your CV ready; 2021 could
be the year you land your dream job!