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Advertising your vacancies on our website is extremely simple: just apply for an account, and one of our consultants will provide you with a unique account password and username. Your account will give you the freedom to upload, change, remove or re list any of your vacancies at your own discretion.

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Ex-Mil Recruitment is THE leader in ex-military recruitment, and we offer cost-effective solutions for sourcing some of the most highly trained and motivated individuals in the world.


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Example Candidates

An extremely well-motivated, degree level qualified Professional Engineer - with extensive expertise in Vehicle Workshop Construction, Remote Camp Operations, Fleet Management, HSE Management, Operations Management,[...]

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A dedicated and professional Security Supervisor with excellent organisational abilities and communication skills developed over a varied career in the British Army. Accustomed to working in high-pressure environments[...]

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I am a motivated and experienced senior manager, with a background in the army, MoD Defence procurement and manufacturing Industry. With an engineering degree, I am a chartered engineer and Fellow of IMechE. I also[...]

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I am currently a Bombardier in the British Army. I am highly motivated and mature. I have leadership, organisational and administrative skills. I have good initiative, I am reliable and adaptable. I would be interested[...]

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Hard working, team player who enjoys getting his hands dirty and learning jobs from the bottom up. Extremely loyal and fast learning of new systems I also thrive on producing solutions for just about any problem.

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I have over 35 plus years within the security industry, 24 years British Military, 6 years MOD Police, International security experience Iraq - Afghanistan for 5 years ,ongoing commercial experience senior management[...]

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