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Experienced Manager with a proven record of working in demanding and pressurised environments where a keen, versatile, conscientious and cost conscious approach is essential. I am a highly self-motivated and resilient individual with a positive and confident style. Possessing excellent interpersonal and communication skills, I have the ability to liaise with both clients and colleagues at all levels. Mature, open minded and adaptable to change I am able to employ initiative and leadership skills to ensure tasks are prioritised and completed on time whilst remaining a friendly and approachable member of any team

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Example Candidates

Dynamic, client-focused Security & Risk Management professional experienced in a number of different industry sectors with a Master’s Degree in Crisis & Disaster Management. In addition a tenacious, articulate Sales[...]

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A security cleared technical information collection professional, with 22 years exemplary service in the British Army. Qualified in RF Spectrum Management and Analysis.
I am a determined, yet personable individual,[...]

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I professional individual who is capable of working within a team and also alone. A highly motivated and hands on person with the ability to learn and adapt to environments. I hold many skills such as self-discipline,[...]

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A highly motivated and diligent 36 year old former Royal Marines Commando with over 12 years infantry service, plus 4 years in the private security industry. Includes leadership, management, and instructor level[...]

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An experienced consultant (SC Cleared), team leader and project manager. Practical experience, as a British Army Officer and consultant, in assessing/managing risk, leading/supporting projects, people/stakeholder[...]

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A DV Security Cleared Ex Royal Engineer Clerk of Works Mechanical with extensive overseas construction project and facilities management experience. Self motivated with a proven ability to deliver results, on schedule[...]

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