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Experienced Manager with a proven record of working in demanding and pressurised environments where a keen, versatile, conscientious and cost conscious approach is essential. I am a highly self-motivated and resilient individual with a positive and confident style. Possessing excellent interpersonal and communication skills, I have the ability to liaise with both clients and colleagues at all levels. Mature, open minded and adaptable to change I am able to employ initiative and leadership skills to ensure tasks are prioritised and completed on time whilst remaining a friendly and approachable member of any team

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Example Candidates

I professional individual who is capable of working within a team and also alone. A highly motivated and hands on person with the ability to learn and adapt to environments. I hold many skills such as self-discipline,[...]

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A highly analytical and diligent leader specialising in operations management, with a track record of success in the most demanding of environments. Rising to the rank of Captain and recommended for promotion to Major[...]

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C4i-ISR Programme and Project Manager, with business development and change experience, comfortable with people, process and technology.

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Highly-accomplished, innovative and enthusiastic Programme Manager and Construction Professional with more than 25 years' broad and deep experience of project/programme management, facilities management and significant[...]

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Extensive international experience in leading and managing diverse teams in many parts of the world, with particular emphasis on personnel development and the design, development and delivery of a wide range of high[...]

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A highly experienced and professional individual that can operate in any position within the team. Working well under pressure, he is confident enough to work alone and make decisions based on his experience and the[...]

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