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An experienced senior security executive with a proven track record in project delivery. Intellectually rigorous with strong interpersonal skills; able to communicate with clarity at all levels. Flexible; thrives in a fast-moving environment. Builds and maintains highly effective working relationships across large, complex organisations, inspiring confidence and trust. Directs at strategic and operational levels; has the ability to consult at both levels. An imaginative lateral thinker who enjoys devising creative problem solving techniques. Relishes hard work and achieving goals set within tight timelines.

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Example Candidates

I am an experienced project manager and consultant, having worked in both security and business sectors. I speak French, Russian and some Spanish and am skilled in acquiring new languages. I have experience living and[...]

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I currently work in the RAF within the ICT trade, particularly in the Airfield Navigational Systems field within the junior management bracket. I have been in this trade since joining the RAF in 1997 and have worked[...]

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I am highly self-motivated management professional with extensive experience in delivering effective and comprehensive training courses for military, police and civilian personnel. I excel in mentoring and coaching and[...]

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I am a hard worker, team player, trustworthy, reliable, flexible, dedicated, committed and always I do the job to best of my ability.
I have done roles above my pay scale in my military career from managing fleet to[...]

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I am an MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) and PRINCE2 Practitioner qualified, Project Director/Project Manager with an outstanding record of delivering challenging projects. My key strength is my ability to combine[...]

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A highly motivated and experienced Health and Safety Manager. Responsible for the provision of advisory support and the management of Occupational Health and Safety both on client sites and in-house. An excellent[...]

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