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An experienced senior security executive with a proven track record in project delivery. Intellectually rigorous with strong interpersonal skills; able to communicate with clarity at all levels. Flexible; thrives in a fast-moving environment. Builds and maintains highly effective working relationships across large, complex organisations, inspiring confidence and trust. Directs at strategic and operational levels; has the ability to consult at both levels. An imaginative lateral thinker who enjoys devising creative problem solving techniques. Relishes hard work and achieving goals set within tight timelines.

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Example Candidates

I have a B.A and an M.A in archaeology from UCD Dublin and have been in the marines for 10 years. I am a keen mountaineer and am looking to develop civilian accreditation in the field also.

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Ex-Military Communication Specialist with project management experience currently working in the broadcast industry as a Satellite Uplink Engineer. Experienced in RF Transmissions, HF, VHF and UHF, Data Communications,[...]

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23 years in the RAF and so far 11 continuous years working in the Telco sector in London. Vast experience of both military and civilian protocols alike. Quick promotion to senior management levels with 2 companies[...]

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I am known for my ‘can do’ attitude and ability to consistently deliver successful and safe operational programmes. Having worked in the Middle East for several years I know how vital it is to build trust, forge[...]

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An experienced, adaptable and decisive senior manager, educated to Masters Degree level in logistic management, with 20 years of global experience in the British Army. Most recently employed as a senior operational[...]

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A diligent professional with strong communication and core value working skills, committed to the task at hand, whilst maintaining best practice and safe standards. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience[...]

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