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An experienced senior security executive with a proven track record in project delivery. Intellectually rigorous with strong interpersonal skills; able to communicate with clarity at all levels. Flexible; thrives in a fast-moving environment. Builds and maintains highly effective working relationships across large, complex organisations, inspiring confidence and trust. Directs at strategic and operational levels; has the ability to consult at both levels. An imaginative lateral thinker who enjoys devising creative problem solving techniques. Relishes hard work and achieving goals set within tight timelines.

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Example Candidates

A Performance driven security specialist who embraces new challenges with a “can do” attitude. Experienced in the implementation of diverse security plans and policies in mitigation against risks to assets,[...]

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A versatile, proven senior project / programme manager and corporate practitioner, skilled in governance, change management and stakeholder engagement. Politically astute, with strengths in policy, education,[...]

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Ex RN submarines, previously employed as AP ( HV, LV, MECHANICAL SYSTEMS & HAZ AREAS) & M&E Tech Officer on MoD site for Explosive storage/processing. Maintenance Manager for explosive manufacturer. Currently employed[...]

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A former Warrant Officer 1st class with skills in command and control systems and Battle Management as a Staff Officer responsible for Managing Command and Control, Communications, Computer Information Systems for[...]

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I am a highly motivated, energetic and adaptable leader and manager, with skill sets across a broad range of security and crisis management positions. I have a hands-on leadership style with a focus on representing the[...]

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A security cleared technical information collection professional, with 22 years exemplary service in the British Army. Qualified in RF Spectrum Management and Analysis.
I am a determined, yet personable individual,[...]

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