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A professional, pro-active and highly motivated Manager, vastly experienced in Man management, Telecommunications, Training, Security, Man-management, Project and Logistics Management and Operational Experience . Industrious and dynamic with a pragmatic view to tackling potential problems using smart objectives. Versatile and flexible but always working towards achieving goals and accomplishing tasks and meeting deadlines. Highly professional approach to achieving operating effectiveness through tight resource management, cost control, rapid and efficient deployment of key assets. Specialties: Project management, Technical Security, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, Logistics management. Man management skills. Administration, Training, Leadership instructional capability, flexibility in management. Multi language skilled and recommended for Multi language training. Developing business through networking. Also interested in Rugby development, networking and coaching.

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Highly motivated individual with 19 years military experience. Able to think outside the box and can adapt to most situations.

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An enthusiastic, motivated, and inspiring professional with 24 years worldwide experience as an Army Officer with The Parachute Regiment in high profile project management and training delivery roles within Defence. A[...]

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A dedicated and professional Security Supervisor with excellent organisational abilities and communication skills developed over a varied career in the British Army. Accustomed to working in high-pressure environments[...]

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