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A highly versatile & skilled Manager, Quality Assurer, Internal Verifier, Consultant, Tutor, Presenter, Assessor, and Advisor with a vast experience in managerial duties and various types of instructional and presentation techniques, communication and administration. Accomplished and skilled manager with a wealth of experience and knowledge in varying fields. Successful and effective team leader who is motivated and motivates and inspire others at all levels in an ever changing environment, with the ability to work un-phased under pressure. An influential consultant, advisor, communicator, instructor and administrator who is friendly and approachable with excellent interpersonal communication skills. A successful manager / team leader with a lead from the front, can do attitude.

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Example Candidates

A highly experienced Royal Marines Commando Landing Craft Coxswain, Careers Adviser to the Royal Navy/Royal Marines and Anti-Piracy Security Team Leader, specialised in the water borne armed escorts of the United[...]

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I am capable of managing, utilising, and maintaining a wide spectrum of operations, with a totally professional outlook. I am able to adapt and achieve results whilst under pressure, where change and flexibility are[...]

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An enthusiastic and proactive individual that strives to get it right the first time, with over 15 years of Project Management & Logistics Management in the Telecommunications World. An SME able to give sound advice at[...]

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I am an experienced Major in the British Army with an additional two years of commercial work in marketing and sales of real estate and agricultural machinery. I have experience of running multi-stakeholder, complex[...]

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I am currently serving within the RAF, but am looking to retire from the military once a challenging and exciting project, business, programme management job opportunity becomes available to me in the civilian[...]

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I am a very versatile Operational Delivery Manager having managed media and news gathering organisations including in hostile areas. I've also managed Delivery of Youth Services across London for the RAF and managed[...]

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