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A highly versatile senior manager with expertise in programme and project management, change management, business process design and big data analysis and exploitation. An experienced and tested planner with the ability to identify and interpret business requirements, define a plan, pull together and manage all required resources to deliver. Significant experience with large scale, multi-stakeholder projects requiring complex solutions. Comfortable under time and resource pressure, prioritising, risk mitigating and communicating to all required levels and stakeholders. Mentally agile, with an entrepreneurial flair - dependably professional – a natural leader, skilled at getting the best from people. Excellent management, communication and interpersonal skills. Challenges the norm - drives innovation - delivers results.

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I cover both the academic and outdoor arena. I have a First Class Degree in Mathematics and I am an ex-Training Manager; which opens many doors. However, I spend all my spare time doing various sporting/extreme[...]

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