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I am energetic, outgoing and work hard to develop the young people entering the Army and RAF logistic trades; and using my leadership skills by training and mentoring experienced soldiers and airmen. Although I have made great strides from the shy sixteen-year-old recruit I once was to becoming a skilled and confident Warrant Officer, I am convinced that I can transfer what I have achieved into any civilian role. Having spent my adult life in the military family, I have a deep sense of patriotism and pride that comes from serving my country.

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Dependable and diligent demonstrated through my reference-able work and derived from career history in the British Army. A skilled communicator I am clear and informative. I work well as an individual and a team member[...]

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Ex Royal Signals, Ex B.T. Cat 5, 6 Fibre SM MM, Coaxial, Jointing (Copper, Fibre), Networks, Telephony, Rigging, Testing.
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