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A top-performing and dedicated Health and Safety Professional with nine years of dynamic experience in Advisory and Management roles within a large organisation. A proven expert with successful track record of identifying the problem areas and taking corrective actions to eradicate issues and ensure safe practices. Instrumental in streamlining the processes, increasing efficiency, and providing technology based solutions. Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and complete them in a timely fashion thereby producing positive results. Versatile, creative and target oriented.

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Chartered project manager and Chartered construction manager with over 37 years’ experience in full lifecycle technical and defence programmes across multiple industries, UK, European and US.
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Worked with the British Army as a Royal Engineer for thirteen years using different skill sets.
Experienced working and leading worldwide in a variety of environments with extensive knowledge and skills in a[...]

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Multi-skilled, well trained, proactive individual of 22 years experience with the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment, with a wide depth of knowledge and teamwork. Adaptable, well presented, confident and highly[...]

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I am an ex-Weapon Engineer Officer with 7 years experience in the Royal Navy. After working as a wealth management consultant for the past 3 years, I am now seeking engineering or management opportunities.
I believe I[...]

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