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A highly effective, proactive and efficient Business Administration Manager adept in Office Management, Document Control, Logistics, Operations, Planning and Security. Organized, dynamic and acts on own initiative, and as an integrated team player to ensure uppermost standards and results are achieved.

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Example Candidates

I am known for my ‘can do’ attitude and ability to consistently deliver successful and safe operational programmes. Having worked in the Middle East for several years I know how vital it is to build trust, forge[...]

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I am a highly experienced In Country Risk Management Consultant, specialising in a holistic and proactive risk management solution, engaging all stakeholders with a can do attitude and a clear understanding of the[...]

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I am an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) degree, I also hold a Master of Science degree in Project Management, an A1 assessor’s certificate (Engineering and various related[...]

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A mature, charismatic and identified leader that possesses excellent management skills and abilities which has been compiled over the past 25 years. Werner is always technically and tactfully forthright in his[...]

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• Cost management, technical, client and stakeholder considerations
• Human resource management, qualifications and competencies of all contractors
• Logistic management, liaison with subject matter experts,[...]

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A resourceful, talented and dynamic professional with a unique combination of international experience gained in the security, military and educational sectors and a successful background of service in HM Forces.[...]

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