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A highly effective, proactive and efficient Business Administration Manager adept in Office Management, Document Control, Logistics, Operations, Planning and Security. Organized, dynamic and acts on own initiative, and as an integrated team player to ensure uppermost standards and results are achieved.

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Example Candidates

I have been involved with engineering in one form or another throughout my working career (both before and after my military service) and in training for over 30 years. I am a conscientious individual who is quick to[...]

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A highly versatile senior manager with expertise in programme and project management, change management, business process design and big data analysis and exploitation. An experienced and tested planner with the[...]

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After a prosperous and dynamic career in the armed forces, I am very positive that I can offer my skills, knowledge and experience with an organisation who share my willingness to work hard, have a clear vision on[...]

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An enthusiastic and industrious individual with proven leadership and communications skills. I left the Army 2 years ago and since then I have worked predominantly in the rail industry with some noticeable successes.[...]

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Senior Aircraft Engineering Manager with twenty-two years experience within the military aviation environment. Skilled and highly proficient in all aspects of aircraft avionics maintenance and the utilisation of[...]

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Reliable, flexible, meet targets, strong communicator, honest and hard working. Strives to continually improve.

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